Thread: What happened to the hackers thread?

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    govt, your code is wrong... it's all spelled correctly and it's understandable.. tisk tisk, you don't have what it takes to be l337.

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    Look out for the Betazep Guantlet!!!

    Daynight... the whole point being is that it was just a thread.

    It is just a bunch of typing that really means nothing when you can find half of the stuff that you were talking about on the seeming plethora of Hacker boards that are out there.

    Why should you care so much if your post was deleted? Does it ruin your life or your livelyhood? I don't think it should if such is the case.

    There are PMs on this board. If you find like minded people here (doubt it) that wish to discuss hacking, PM away. There are plenty of free email addresses out there... get fifty of them and discuss hacking all day long.

    You seem to be missing something. The mods have decided that your post had illegal inferences in it, but that doesn't even matter. This is we talk about programming, technology, an occasional joke, etc. We don't discuss hacking, and few of us would even welcome it. (I know I could care less...)

    Advice... quit hitting your head against the wall, and learn to respect assigned athority. You will get nowhere in a professional atmosphere without adherence to either.

    You can't have everything your way in this world kid... don't expect it.....................................

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