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    Will someone please explain how this equation
    works? I want to write a program that displays
    that pretty picture, but I'm having a hard time
    understanding the equation.

    Z = zē + c

    So, both c and z are complex numbers. I guess
    c is suppose to be the screen-coordinate.

    Okay, this is all I know . I've looked though
    webpage after webpage, but a lot of them use
    language that is just too confusing. I need simple
    terms. What is z suppose to be? How can I put
    an (x,y) position into that one c variable?

    I never even heard of this equation until I started
    reading an Arthur C. Clarke book (The Ghost from
    the Grand Banks)... I've seen the image plenty of
    times, but never gave it a second thought.

    I'm not really looking for programming help with
    this. I would just like an explanation of the

    Thanks a lot.
    Staying away from General.

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    I'm not sure if this discussion should be here, however as per putting (x,y) variables into c you defing it as a coordinate using (believe it or not) COORD and then you reference the individual parts as c.x and c.y

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