Thread: GNU lisence...effects on latter programs...

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    GNU lisence...effects on latter programs...

    If you were to release a program under the GNU license, then wrote another programing that used some of the same functions as your previous program would you be required to release that program under GNU also?
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    Under the GNU license if I were to use source code from a program that was under GNU license I would need to make it GNU licensed also. But if was the original creater of the source, do I need to do this?

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    i believe so. when you license it you give up sole ownership rights to that program. it is no longer yours (legally, although you can put your name in it, in comments)

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    If the code is yours, you can change the license on it (or dual license it.. for example, sell it for commercial use, but keep it GPL for non-commercial use), or give yourself an exemption.
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    Check out the BSD license. Or maybe the LGPL. They're not quite as liberal.
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