Thread: what have you made?

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    Talking what have you made?

    I want to see games that others have madem, and applications. anything made using C++. I dot want the source just maybe a url to a .exe or a install file. O want to see how good everyone else is.

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    the game board here will give you a lot of exes and even sources.

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    here's an asteroids clone...

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    BomberLAN for windows.. current state: suck
    Prove you can code in C++ or C# at TopCoder, referrer rrenaud
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    The biggest thing (yes I mean thing, not program) I ever made was an mp3 player. My goal was to recreate winamp. But I think I have a concentration problem. I never able to finish a descent project. It is able to play an mp3(play stop pauze and volume changing) and the playlist is working (well almost ) But it has some majour (and countless amount of) buggs in it.
    This isn't my latest version of it. I did some bugg fixes and added a toolbar and stuf like that. But can I give you guys a bit of advice: never, never format your hard disk with writing averything to CD.

    Dislaimer: If it formats your harddrive. I'm NOT responsible

    mp3player : It can only be download if my server is running

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    >Dislaimer: If it formats your harddrive. I'm NOT responsible
    I take it that this is one of those "bugs".

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Dislaimer: If it formats your harddrive. I'm NOT responsible
    Please tell me - did you type that with a straight face...?

    ..I think I'll hold out till after the beta-testing is done, thanks
    #include <cmath>
    #include <complex>
    bool euler_flip(bool value)
        return std::pow
            std::complex<float>(0, 1) 
            * std::complex<float>(std::atan(1.0)
            *(1 << (value + 2)))
        ).real() < 0;

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    testing is more work than creating; i rarely even test my work; although, of course...testers are not creators...and the pay-grade reflects this rightly so.

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    Originally posted by seditee
    testing is more work than creating; i rarely even test my work.
    So you're saying it's better to unleash a program with countless unknown bugs on your users than to ask someone to test it for you? How is testing more work for you?

    Where I work we have a QA/QC department whose sole job is testing. We don't let developers test, simply because of their involvement most developers wouldn't catch half the bugs. They're not impartial.

    As far as for personal stuff, I have a small group of friends who I trust to be honest and test the crap out of my stuff and let me know when they find a bug.

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    e.g. senior member...i have spent a solid month testing this raseti program...& only a week creating it. no headaches creating...countless migraines testing...i figure 90% of it out without's very frustrating...but i suppose it pays off to figure it out on your own...i guess...although i do recall voigt mentioning corners...anyway, i just today figured out that corners are a huge problem with targeting systems...problem solved, of course. so, i'll be sending the updated file in a few moments to replace that buggy one in a previous far, everything looks good i.e. the asteroids aren't sticking when they are shot in the corners. basically, i agree with you; quality assurance is very important. testing also gives us cheat codes. i have to add a line of code to make the ship invincible, test different parts without restarting the program...btw, every game i've ever written in C or C++ has at least one event in it that was accidental...& one that i have no clue about how it works or how i did brother says that's not good...he's a pro; well, whatever. what do you think about that view? i think he has a point, but he has issues.

    * if it works it works, if it doesn't it doesn't.
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    If any of you is interrested in it, last night I've put my mp3 playing code in a class.
    I "borowed" some code from Sunlight.
    It uses DirectX 8 to play the mp3 file so you'll need the DirectX SDK to compile.

    The name of the class "Cmp3"

    I did not test it very much. But I think I removed the format danger

    the class can:
    change sound volume (Untested in the class but worked as a function)
    read the mp3 tag

    Very important: Do not forget to CleanUp() before you exit your program

    There are two mp3tag variables:
    currentplaytag: is the mp3tag of the current playing file fille in when you call ReadMP3Tag()
    mp3tag: is the tag of a file you choose with ReadMP3TagEx(char *filename)

    The sound volume goes from -10000 to 0 if I remember correctly and variable type is long

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    A few more things. It is my first descent class I created. so if I made some mistakes don't shoot me.

    And If you're using it in a windows program. make it static.

    static Cmp3 test;

    I think it also works in console (don't know)

    future versions may include playlist and maybe an equalizer but that won't be happening in a few months. first finals

    And in case anyone wants to know: No I did not type in all those music genres.
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    i'm the jimmy hendrix of game engineering. limited but highly talented.

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    Check my signature...

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