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    Hi there? anyone good at java or know anything about it??

    i need someone to start this problem for me please..i 'm not asking for a full complete program,

    the problem is as follows:

    i have to write a multiplication program in java, that will ask the user to input a starting number, such as 5. it will generate multiplication problems ranging from 5 X 1 to 5 X 1.

    For each problem the user will be prompted to enter the correct answer. The program should check her answer and should not let the user advance to the next question until the correct answer is given to the current question.



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    >anyone good at java or know anything about it??

    I've not been there, and haven't had it recommended as a holiday destination.

    If you mean java the programming langauage, try a java message board. They may have more tolerance for retards.

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    Java is a lot like c++ only easier, assuming you want to do windowed programs that is. Apparently the command line stuff isnt as easy...

    But like the man says, try a java board!

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    could you please tell me where i can access the java boards..



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    your question makes no sense. 5x1 to 5x1?

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    He/she means 5 X 1 to 5 X 5, I think. So if the user inputs the number N, then multiplication problems like

    1 x N
    2 x N
    3 x N
    N x N

    are asked and the user should give the answer. The question is asked again and again until the user gives the correct answer.

    To get you started:

    public class hello
        public static void main(String[] args)
            String hello_world = "Hello world!";
            System.out.print (hello_world);
            System.exit (0);

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