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    What about networking and stuff ??

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    CMD-LINE woohoo!!!

    wait!!! f11 is too far!!! make it alt-f4 instead... dual purpose...
    hasafraggin shizigishin oppashigger...

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    What's wrong with F2?

    Hey, if you ever get this out, I'll be one of the first to but it! You're gonna give it support for JAVA/JScript and stuff with your internet package (I'm assuming there'll be one) right?

    1) 1 thing you need to have: stability. stability. and more stability.
    2) Another nice feature could be a full-on text mode version of your OS (not just the small run-like bar when you hit ~) that can be booted up instead of the GUI shell. Of course, that poses a security threat like MS did with bootable DOS.
    3) Security. Have to make it secure. True, most of us can secure our own computers, but there're some things that need to be built in. I, for one, would like to see if you could make the 'Commander (C)' OS disallow another OS to mount it's partition without a password. Looking from a programmer's standpoint, I don't know if it's possible, but it could be nice.
    4) Network stuff galore. Some of us want to be big in network security AND love to program, you need to COMBINE those passions in this OS. give me optional RAW sockets, give me any network program you can think of. A good telnet client would be nice, along with some LAN admin software (or you could save the LAN software for a server edition, maybe)

    Just some thoughts. you got any Alpha screenshots or a website or something for all this?

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    Talking UPDATES!

    Hello everyone,

    Yes yes, ALL those features are GREAT and WILL be put into the OS.

    Anyway, there is a website in development at the moment. It's just not up and running yet.

    A personal note aswell, the whole OS won't be open source but there will be parts that you can see and change.

    Security is a big thing today so those added features will HAVE to be installed. A basic text mode will be enabled for the OS aswell as the GUI for different tastes in users but what did you all have in mind for the networking and internet features?

    Thanks for all your help! If you want some credit just tell me and I'll put your name on our website.

    Bye for now.
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    >for different tastes in users but what did you all have in mind for the networking and internet features?<

    a browser that is,

    A. Not integrated into the OS
    B. Allows the disabling of pop-ups(heh)

    telnet, std windows network stuff such as ping, tracert, ect...
    an enablable FTP server and the like...

    hope im not askin to much...
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    Killer FS

    I have a brill idea for an FS!

    know how, with conventional File Syses, files less than the block size, WILL take up 1 block using space?
    well why dont you have a DBFS (DatBaseFileSystem)
    raw data is written to disk and a small peice of software performs access, FAST ash hell searches, and ammends on the data.
    on dual processor systems, idle time on processor 2 could be used for reorganisations of the data!

    good idea...or no good idea?

    im no guru...only 16!


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    This thread's 5 months old and will only cause problems if floating around the top, so I'm closing it.

    oktech - you can start your own threads - no need to dredge up old ones.

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