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    remove windows98

    How can I remove windows 98 from my computer in order to install windows XP.I can't do an upgrade cause they 're of different languages.

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    if you haven't got any user data your want to keep, just format ya drive. I presume you can boot directly from the XP disk?
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    First make a boot disk in Win98. I don't remember how but I know it can be done because I have done it before and it wasn't too difficult. Check the Control Panel.

    Go to the command prompt and type: Format C:/
    Than Throw in your WinXP disk and type: setup.exe

    You might even be able to just throw in WinXP and it will do everything for you. The goal is also to format your drive as NTFS rather than FAT32, since WinXP uses NTFS, and since NTFS is much better than FAT32.

    Sorry, wish I could help more.

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    Reformat your drive. XP setup disk might give you an option to do that on install. 2000 does. You could try keeping 98 and installing XP on another partition.
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    Or remove the primary partition with fdisk.

    Make sure you can boot from CD or floppy before you remove the partition....
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