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    the 9-11 thread

    just being curious, i looked to see how far back this forum extended (turns out around august). then i came across the "let's pray..." thread at september 11(around 7 pages after the first one). out of sheer boredom, i've decided to post some quotes of "future predictions"
    (note: i'm not intending to offend anyone for what they predicted back then. obviously there is justification for thinking some things nowadays we would consider "out there".)
    From pendragon:
    I think by now they are paying.
    A pack of cruise missiles have been sent into Kabul the Afghan capital.

    The explosions have just been reported on BBC News Online
    from aran elus:
    i'll just put it this way:
    "by the end of the month, there will be one less country to worry about"
    from rick barclay:
    This is it fellas. Armageddon is at hand. Which arab mullah
    should we bomb first? I say we start with Calgary, then move
    on to more important targets.
    a few posts later:
    Or biological stuff. This could well end up as Armageddon.
    I hope we're up to it.
    from witch-king:
    You have to make sure that the terrorists are done first. Like I said, they could have a nucular bomb there in the US ready to take out the country if the US retaliates???
    a few posts later:
    It's not likely that the US is going to get wiped out but it is possible. The US is mobilizing the military right now. Something like 5000 or more Americans were killed. Next week another 5000 will get killed perhaps.
    from Zach L.
    Ken, here is a news article 2 days old (sept. 9, 2 days prior to the attack on the U.S.) about fighting in Kabul. This fighting in Afghanistan has not started in the last 12 hours. It started well before the attack.
    from ethic:
    I live in Utah. The local news has been going
    on and on about terrorism and if it'll affect
    the 2002 Winter Olympics. Hmm. The last time the
    Olympics were in the US, there was a bombing...
    from govtcheez:
    This is all speculation, people! don't you understand the difference? Dean - those numbers have no weight behind them - you have no proof; you're just stirring people up.

    I agree with rick - maybe we should bomb Calgary

    rick: on a note specific to another thread - the person you told me to PM made a post last night at around 7 EST. I'm sure he's fine.
    from facemaster:
    Every country is really anoyed about this: AMERICA Australia, Parts of Europe, Britan....whoever did this isn't gonna be around for much longer

    anyone have other predictions they'd like to post?

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    ya, i won't be sleeping tonight, thanks for reminding me.
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