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    As a general rule, most out of power politicians and political parties, even extreme ones, are much better at pointing out the faults in the opposition, often accurately, than justifying their own agenda. But since their agenda isn't in place, it's much easier to dismiss criticism.
    In the US, Republicans have good arguments against the Democrats, and vice versa. Neither one are as good at holding up their own end. Then there's the argument that they're both holding up ends of a very short rope, leaving lots of others out.
    People in general often have the same behavior.

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    The government here in Aust won the last election on refugee hysteria.

    Claimed that they had thrown their children overboard so the navy would have to pick them up rather than send them back to Indonesia in a leaky boat. Had photos and all. turned out after the election they won 51:49% that it was all a lie. (voting is compusory)

    I agree with stevie that we do not have the infastructure to support all these people. But what are we going to do as they are not going to stop comming? We in Aust pay Naru and Indonesia Au$ millions to look after refugees that will never go home.

    Now to be a refugee and imigrate to Aust you must apply from your home country or the first one you visit / run to.

    Bottom line;
    Our prosperity is bought at the developing nations expense.
    We ride on their backs, we buy the comodities that fuel their wars, we supply their political factions with arms for our own political agendas, buy their comodities knowing the beifits are going to corrupt officials and not to the population and subsidise our goods to below their production costs.

    No wonder they want to move.
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    Originally posted by Ken Fitlike
    >>Stevey: re welfare:
    being a nice left wing chap, you know doubt find it offensive what i said, but i am afraid i am living in the real world.<<

    Who says i'm nice? Or left? Or offended? Or unreal?

    >>Stevey: the problem is that having kids is a living for too many people around'll think thats a right wing statement but its just a fact. We seem to have a growing army of despo's -> <<

    Given the political climate in the UK today, i'd say that would probably be considered to be 'moderate'. Some might even describe it as having left-wing sympathies.

    >>Basilisk: I dont think the uk is getting any more right wing<<

    What is your basis for comparison? Labour used to be left-wing, Tories to the right and the Liberals, understandably, confused in the centre. Over the last 20 years both the Tories and New Shiny Improved Super Duper Labour have become indistinguishable and right wing, while 'Dem Liberals' have been out-flanked and made to appear 'left'.

    The population of the UK is static at around 60 million. Given the waiting lists in the NHS, the 'oldies' referred to by Stevey aren't going to live quite as long as they otherwise might (now there's a right wing policy in action). As for individual taxation - how long before legislation is introduced to set retirement age to 70 for both sexes? Then there's taxes on pensions...

    >>Stevey: Nesbitts<<

    Is this a reference to the immortal 'Rab C. nesbitt' by any chance?
    yeah, it is !! old Rab, always gives me a laugh (if i can tell what he's saying!)

    what you're not a left winger ?? i thought you might be the only one left ! (no pun intended)

    i wouldn't say the population is static at all, but its not increasing dramatically. but it shouldn't be increasing at all otherwise we'll be living on top of each other. mind you, there a lot of space in Scotland, we'll have to move up and keep you company !

    couldn't agree more about New Labour, its not a labour party apart from the name. new Tory would be more apt.
    its a bit of a laugh really, all the guys at work who only ever voted Labour, staunch traditional Labour, they hate the Tories with passion, never shut up about it, they were so desparate for a Labour goverment - they now vote New Labour cos its called Labour, the actual policies are no different to the Tories !!

    when i was a student, they were marching round Sheffield "maggie out!"etc, cos of student its Labour its OK to scrap it altogether.........
    and saying the Tories were destroying the NHS.....Labour have done bugger all in 5 years...
    its quite comical, if it wasn't so sad.......

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