Thread: What kind of PC do you program on?

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    You can get a cable account for $30/month? Are prices that low universally, or did you get some deal?

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    >...or did you get some deal?<

    Sort of. Standard Cable Internet accounts are $40/mo.
    Subscribers on a family plan get it for $30. I don't
    even know how many tv's and cable boxes we
    have in this house, but we easily qualified for the
    Family plan.

    rick barclay
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    This is America calling!

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    geezz, i was really happy with my pc 'till hearin about some others posted here.


    pentium III 450 MHz
    20.0 GB Hard Drive
    256 MB memory
    Sound Blaster Live! XGamer 5.1 sound card
    NVidia GeForce2 mx400 (64 MB memory)
    15" viewsonic (has a flatscreen but still uses crt)
    some Sony CD-RW (writes at 8 and reads at 32; kind of lame)
    Zip100 internal (which i never use)
    and still using a 56k modem (LOL)

    some ..........ty 7 yr. old labtec's
    microsoft keyboard and optical mouse (i love that mouse... and it only cost me like 20 bucks)

    os: win_2k
    toolz: vc++ 6.0 & gnu tools (gcc, g++, emacs, make, gdb debugger etc...)

    but i'm probably going to keep this setup for another couple years (i've never had problems; and really don't utilize most of its power for my programs anyways)

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    haha! i got a handmedown 17'' recently!!! yah! and nothing beats logitech!!! gooo logitech!!
    hasafraggin shizigishin oppashigger...

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    Compared to mine?

    CPU MHz 348.488 Pentium II (Deschutes)
    RAM: 64 MB
    Video Card: Mach 64 Rage Pro 4MB
    6GB Harddrive

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    i wanna get a new laptop i need something really fast.any suggestions?
    Don't think about the P4 mobile chips... AMD just released their next generation Athlon based on the Palomino core, the first release will be in the mobile form. This sucker is fast, starting at 1 GHz.
    Check out this article:

    As for me:
    T-Bird 1100 MHz (not OC'd, yet)
    512 MB SDRAM - just added 256
    ABit KT7A - RAID
    GeForce 2 - 32 MB
    DiamondMax 40 Gig - 7200 RPM
    Removable HDD I share with work comp.
    Pioneer 12x DVD
    19" Sceptre

    Work is similar except:
    replace 1100 with 850 MHz
    replace KT7A RAID with KA7 RAID
    replace 40 Gig with 1 - 30 Gig and 1 - 20 Gig


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