Thread: The best university for computer science

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    I would say either Stanford or Berkley. I was considering those, but ended up going to Oakland University in Michigan. It is really close to where I live and the computer science and computer engineering program is up there with the top ones in the country. On a national level, I'd say MIT. I was origianlly trying for there, but didn't have the time to complete their book of an application or able to afford the $25,000 a year for just tuition. I may go to grad school there though in about 3 or 4 years.

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    do you guys have any idea how many free books and websites are out therethat can offer far more specific, reliable, and accurate information than most anyone here?

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    You answered your own question as to why s/he asked us. There is so much information it would be impossible to sort through all of it.

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    Au contrarire. Although there is a massive amount of information available on trees, I certainly wouldn't give up on a research project on them because of the "futility" of sifting through the info.
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