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    Problems With XP

    Haha, I got a copy of XP Pro build 2002 for free from something at school and saved it for the PC that I was building at the time (this one actually, and this was around December). Anyways I thought it was pretty cool, but everytime I let it run for more than a day it would pop up with a blue screen saying that the Registry (or the hive file actually) had become corrupted and told me to reboot to try a repair. This was some bs b/c it couldnt repair and would always result in needing to format the drive. I know everything was up-to date (drive wise, and window's updates) and this was really me off. After about 12 formats I decided to go back and just use a copy of 98se i had lying around. Im thinking about putting XP back on here to see if it will co-operate with me now Has anyone had any similar problems or other problems? I seemed to have escaped the video card problem thankfully. Has Microcrap released any new Window's updates? Or anyone know about when SP1 is to be released?
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    It was probbly because it wasn't quite the final release yet.
    And it downloads a new update patch about once a week.
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