Thread: what's your worst programming injury?

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    I like all the lame cube ones.

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    ive cut off my curculation by resting my arm across the back of the chair

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    what a kawikidink so am i right now

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    Originally posted by stevey

    can't you operate your mouse with your left hand like most guys do......??????
    My left hand is strangley acustomed to one postion that makes the figers to loose around the mouse but tighter around larger objects....
    Weeel, itss aboot tieme wee goo back too Canada, eeehy boyss.

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    the sexual inuendo.. my god, you sicko!


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    Caffine addiction.

    Luckily it means I don't sit still long enough for one of the trains to catch me.
    Try adjusting the focus on a camera built into a box into a railway track, while holding a monitor with an a 5m extension cord and the target to focus on. Only to have a 2.5km long train come round the corner 100m away.

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    near a computer
    Whats going on? Keeps logging me off? That bit about trains was me.
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    Commander: LOL .

    I never get the injury beacuse of the computer. It's always reverse. The computer gets the injury from me . Especially that stupid keyboard, lol.
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    Originally posted by RobR
    I was soldering a PCB, and knocked the soldering iron off the desk. Caught it without thinking. 10 years ago & you can still see the scar!

    (I know it's not programming, but it still bl**dy hurt!).
    I've done that! Ah! I missed the plastic handle when catching it! Its a new definition of pain...

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    I inhaled those cans of duster and I passed out and I hit my face against my computer desk when i woke up i was all bloody.

    from programmign specifically i developed carpal tunnel in my left wrist

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    one time I got so mad I squeezed the mouse so hard it crushed. It just happened to be a old mouse with the mouse ball in it, and the ball went flying and hit my right eye. Ouch! Okay, I just made that up, but I can just imagine it happening. That would be hilarous. But I almost crushed my new optical mouse when I was making collision detection and it kept screwing up. Instead of cussing out the monitor, or hitting it / kicking the box, I like to squeeze the mouse really hard until it makes a cracking noise.

    Electric shocks ARE VERY VERY FUN! I got this manual switch for my lamp because I broke it a few years ago, and I took it apart one day for the heck of it. There are two screws in there that make the circuit complete and incomplete, depending on if you want it on or off, and I touched both screws.

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    Frenchfry, I assume from your name you are from the States, so that would have been around 110V. Wouldn't suggest you try it on 240V (although it's current that kills - the voltage being higher makes the current higher).

    EHT off a CRT can make your day *ahem* interesting.
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    i always scratch my hand (near the elbow) on the sharp edge of my computer desk's keyboard deck! I put some tape on the corner, but it is still very sharp...
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    One major injury was when I wrote a program, compiled it and got 128 errors. I looked at my code trying to find the error for about 2 hours (about 2000 lines of code). And finally! I left out a semicolon at the end of my class declaration.

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    A thread BUMPED me...

    Anyways - while programming a opto brick, I reached behind it without looking to plug it in... The plug had a few exposed wires... Zap.

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