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    I used to use Kazaa, iMesh and WinMX but there's way too many viruses on there at the moment. I've stopped downloading illegal stuff all together, i've promoted myself to buying CD's and burning other peoples stuff . Oh and as for LimeWire, that has got to me the worst file sharing program ever made. It puts Java to shame...

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    >the spyware/montoring software/what we are talking about in this thread

    If you read the top of the thread, you might see that this is about the AltNet Business concept that was introduced. I don't like it. I would have liked it as OptIn instead of OptOut and I would have liked it to be a flashing-yellow-blink-in-your-face Introduction instead of sneaking it in. But if you don't have more information than posted here, I don't see any reference to spyware.

    >Kazaa monitors what you download

    I would hope so. I would throw it off my HD the day I get in in the morning and KaZaa pops up a window saying "You downloaded ? Oh. Uhm. Well. Sorry, I misplaced it, care to download again ?"

    >eats up RAM

    I have Kazaa running right as I write this. It eats half a meg more than my browser. I think I can live with that. If you can't, better don't get any windows programs

    >and eats up bandwidth

    I hope it uses all it can get, I want my stuff fast. You can limit it in the options if you like. And if you dislike the AltNet variant, turn it off. I did.

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