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    I am writing a DOS text editing program, and my program handles cursors on its own. How do you hide the default blinking cursor?

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    I use the the _setcursortype(_NOCURSOR) command in C++ to remove the blinking cursor.

    Its in conio.h and my compiler is borland 3,. If that doesn't works then there is a similar question in the C board you could check out.
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    I believe this was just asked in the C or C++ forum seach for "cursor" and you will find it. It was just asked like a day or two ago, and theres an example for hiding it using Win32 API if your not using a Borland Compiler b/c most compilers wont have what you need in conio.h
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    Great. Thanks a lot.

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    How did you get the x,y coordinates of the mouse in order to handle the cursor on your own, I mean, where is the mouse support for you to set it up yourself?

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    Well I don't think he is talking about the mouse but here is how you get the cursor position for it

    mov ax,03h
    int 33h

    BX=button pushed
    01h - LMB
    02h - RMB
    03h - MMB
    CX=cursor position (column on text,x on graphics)
    For modes below 640 in graphics, divide CX by 2 or CX>>1
    DX=row position (row on text,y on graphics)

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