Thread: Machine code, asm, poop

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    Machine code, asm, poop

    Ok, C++ is pretty much an ASM translator. If that's wrong just ignore this. Then ASM is converted to machine code. Machine code tells computer to do its thing and everything runs (sometimes). But how was ASM created? How did people figure out what 1010101000101010100001 means to the computer? I've always sorta wondered how you'd make the first computer language. Anyone got an answer?

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    Look into computer organization (or computer architecture). It's all combinations of on/off switches (millions of them). The ones and zeros tells which switches are on and off.
    Pretty incredible if you ask me. Thank God we don't have to do binary programming.
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    That's my question. How do you get that into assembly? I don't like looking for things. That's what I have you people for .

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    >How do you get that into assembly?
    Assembly is simply a series of symbols that represent addresses and instruction sets that a person can understand, just like C. Consider the MOV instruction; this is a symbol for a binary code that tells the microprocessor to move the contents of one register to another. You can consider it to be something like #define:

    #define MOV 00110111

    >I've always sorta wondered how you'd make the first computer language
    The same way you make a modern programming language, by defining new symbols that call lower level symbols until you get to machine readable instructions. The first programming language was binary. Assembly was the created with binary because binary was too cryptic and difficult to work with for us lowly humans.

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