Thread: What are some good debuggers?

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    What are some good debuggers?


    Yesterday i just learnt how to use the basic features of gdb. So happy, since before some programs of mine compiled successfully but gave 'illegal operation' while executing and i had no sense of what the error was which i had to find out by going through the code line by line and luckily it was a pretty small program.....yea i know it's a long sentece......

    question: What are some other good debuggers for C/C++ u know of? Doesn't matter if it's command-line based or GUI. I just want to know a few more. Thnx

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    In the past I used to use Turbo Debugger quite a lot, in combination with Borland C++. Sometimes I use the debugger of MSVC++.

    At work I can't use a line-after-line debugger, since it's all embedded and real-time. Ofcourse I use some diagnostic tools like I2C and CAN tracers. But for debugging the code I have to put debug statements like traces, asserts etc. in my code to see if things go right.

    By the way, there are some free debugging tools at

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