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    What is matrix

    often seen that word in threads

    what is it anyway ?

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    Big scary math concept.
    A way of representing and solving simultaneous equations by putting all the co-efficants in a grid.

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    Nutshell, are you american? There was a very popular American movie that came out about 2 years ago titled The Matrix. People say it kidding around cause it was a quote in the movie. If you see it, you'll know what I mean. It's a good movie.

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    I've seen it, it's cool. But at that time i thought it's just a name of the movie, didn't it actually is a word referring to 'the big scary math concept'.

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    here's a link an a hint

    go to google and search for matrix + math or something like that and you should get some good information on it
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    its used in working with graphics often
    multiplying by a matrix is often easier mentally

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