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    >>How do most of you keep backups of your projects

    I use a SLR5 Tape drive - but the sodding thing wont work properly under Win2k. Worked fine on Win98.

    Until I figure it out I periodically;

    [list=*][*]Copy files over my LAN to my spare[*]Use CDRW[*]use my old zip disk[/list=*]

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    i save my work to my laptop (coding computer) and to another station via my network. I make full hard disk backups to CRDW's
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    I jsut got the e-mail, too! Thanks for the virus, webmaster! I didn't open it, though. Why didn't you just use a bootdisk to get into DOS, and play around with things from there. I always forget to do that when it's MY computer under attack, but I always seem to remember it if it isn't...hmm...go figure.

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    Virus ;(

    I hope this is a lesson that we should update our VScan more often than we do! I always try to update on the 15 & 30 of each month, but sometimes I do it more often depending on the alerts that symantec sends.
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    I did use DOS when I was attacked, but I made a big mistake. First, I immediately scanned all of my project for the virus. When it came up clean, I used WinZip to zip the whole thing into a self-extracting archive. Then, I rebooted into DOS so the virus could not infect anything else. The archive was clean but I forgot that I added a 2 to the end of the name, since I could not create an archive with the same exact name as my Win32 executable. So, when I copied to A drive, I copied the Win32 executable instead of the self extracting archive of my project. When I realized what I had done, I just sat there dumbfounded for about 10 minutes. I knew that I really messed up and just lost all my source.

    It stinks that I lost my code, but now I have more incentive to re-write the source from the ground up and make it compatible with ActiveX. Now, instead of hard-coding some functions that relate only to my specific program I think I'm going to create some ActiveX controls and ActiveX friendly classes to use in my program.

    Back to the drawing board.

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