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    This is one of the times when I am actually kind of glad I live in South Florida......oh the Beaches........also the *****es.....Nice temperature all year long....just Semi crowded, hit South Beach a Saturday if you want, or bayside.....maybe keywest, no Viscaya, no maybe Vero Beach, oh no how about Boca Raton.....oh no wait........too many to list......or I might just take a 4 hour drive to Disney..........please don't hate me......this is not the best place however, I want to move up north or something, near the North Pole like Canada........maybe Alaska.......I don't know.
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    but I have seen "The Eastenders" on PBS
    Wow, didn't realise it had made it across the water! Not sure it would have made much sense to you guys, sometimes doesn't make too much sense to us!

    I wouldn't imagine Dot Cotton nipping into the local shop for a pack of f4gs would come across too well either!!!
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    Come to Freehold, N.J., where I live. It'll make you wish you were back in London.

    rick barclay

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    sometimes doesn't make too much sense to us!
    True.. have you ever noticed that the sun never shines in Walford?

    Everyone's always so damned miserable!

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    I enjoy the openness of were I live. I can train much better then. Also fresh air is also very nice. My only complaint is you need to drive every were.
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    I have to say (because nobody else has) that Eastenders isn't typically London. It wouldn't be that busy otherwise, the suicide rate of an Eastender-type would keep the population down!

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    Very true about Eastenders and it's extremely overexagerated. I love london and I would advise anyone to visit there at least once. IT may be busy and expensive but it is one of those places that has an immense amount of history and historical buildings (quite how the nazis missed buildings like St Pauls Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and The Tower of London i don't know). It's the sort of place where everything happens. There is obviously the history of the last few hundred years but even more recent history like WW2 and the troubles with the IRA. It's so interesting for anyone willing to take the time to listen.

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