Thread: No More Technology After World War Three

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    World War 3

    I dout that technolgy will advance at all during world war 3. In fact in order to win the West would need to actruly go back in technolgy. Not only would we be fighting indivdual contries but also groups of people who act by them selves.

    These people have nothing to blow up, nothing to destroy. the can move faster then we can. They would not engage in battles, but instead atack and hide. These atacks would happen at random spots across the globe. Some of these ateacks would be provented by technolgy at the begining. These people are smart and relize this so it would be only a matter of time until they have the cabiblties to remove the teachnolgy.

    No in order to win this war we would need to manully find and destroy them. That is the only way.
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    Question What If....

    What if this was staged in order to allow the government access into our personal lives by allowing them to monitor everything we do. Im sure they do this to some extent already but now that this event has happened it gives them public support to do this and more because the emotions of the nations are veunerable, and people want something done. Im sure this isn't the case but im paranoid tonight.

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