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    Question Extended Memory

    I have problem in turning my BC on and compile a C code. The DOS Prompt displays "Extended memory already installed. EXM driver not installed." every time I start BC, and BC displays illegal file name every time compiling a code.
    I've change the memory setup in BC shortcut properties but It doesn't take any effect.
    I use Windows XP Home Edition.
    Thanks for helping.

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    Hmm, i dont know how many times people have to say this but WinXP does not have DOS, it does not support DOS and it will most likly not even run dos programs in emulation mode, so forget about trying to get it to work b/c im sure borland isnt going to even spend 1 millisecond to update a product that is sooooooo old. Why not get with the times and buy at least MSVC++ 6.0? Or download Bloodshead or something because "Dos is Dead!"
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    I know I always refer people to ASM (I love it), but I'm afraid the need has once again arisen: DEBUG, which comes with DOS, but I'm sure you can download it (I don't what the XP situation with that is - I reall DON'T love XP). It has an option which can set up EM and stuff like that with memory for your programs.

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