Thread: What is your project?

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    A text-MUD. All new coding, nothing stock.
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    What will people do if they find that it's true?
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    As of now I'm finishing my midterm for my humanities class, which isn't programming related at all.

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    near a computer
    Still train spotting. Looking closer at the wheels of the worlds longest and heaviest trains.

    Debugging my client UI, trying to resist the feature creep.
    Only about 32,000 wheels per day, 7 days a week. Generating 1.5Gb+ of data, without the images, per day.

    Not that much to show on one little window.
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    I'm messing around with linked lists right now, and I'm planning on making a class to deal with numbers up to a few thousand digits long. But I'll probly get bored and make another stupid card game instead.

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    I am creating a C++ IDE like VC++ for MINGW. The editor part is almost finished. A little bit of intellisense is left. I will post an alpha within a few weeks.

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