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    Geforce 4


    Im gonna get a geforce 4 for my birthday, coming up soon .

    But on the site im looking at there are two different cards:

    one is nearly £100 cheaper, can someone tell me if the £300 one is worth getting? is it the best geforce 4 card avalible?

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    if you already have something like a geforce 2 Ti then the geforce 4 MX (the cheap one) is not really going to show much of a performance improvement (and in fact in some cases the geforce 2 Ti beats it). However you will see a huge performance on the geforce 4 Ti cards and even though they are more expensive (i have seen the creative Ti400 for about £250 and the Ti600 for about £350) - if you want the performance then they are worth much more than the MX card.
    If you look at the following frame rate test on tomshardware you can see the geforce 4 Ti blows the competition away:
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    I got a GeForce4 MX440. If you are a superuser, get a GeForce4 Ti, if you are cheap like me, get a GeForce4 MX. It's more worth the cost.
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    Nope, if you're cheap get the 32 meg TNT 2 by nVidia. It's probably like $30, and you can play games on it. (not well but it works)

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