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    Angry HD on IDE 2

    I recently had to fiddle about with lots of things inside my tower and my last configuration had the Hard disc on IDE 2 as master. Once I had put the tower back together and booted it up I realised the HD was still on IDE 2. I have heard you should keep the HD on IDE 1. Why is this? I could change it over but I can't really be bothered. Is it a major problem keeping a HD on IDE 2?

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    I believe that IDE 0 is called the master for a reason. Not really sure why, but it must have something to with your memory controller, etc... It'll probably work, but you might take a performance hit, I dunno.
    Also on a side note, if your hard drive (or anything for that matter) is the only device on the IDE chain, it is a good idea to use the last plug on the chain. If not, the remaining cable can act like a big antenna, creating noise, and generally cause your computer to act a little flakey. I've seen it happen before.

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    >I believe that IDE 0 is called the master for a reason
    Sorry I meant to say:
    I believe that IDE 0 is called the primary IDE for a reason

    I couldn't edit it, whoops.

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    On some newer (in the last year or two) MB's the primary IDE is ATA / UDMA enabled while the secondary is not.
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