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    random encryption thought

    1. take a 256 byte key.
    2. pad a file out so it can be perfectly divided into 256 parts.
    3. divide the file into sections, and assign each section to a byte of the key.
    4. sort the key according to some predetermined algorithm, swapping parts of the file as you go.
    5. subdivide with the same key, or perhaps a key generated with md5 or something.
    6. lather, rinse, repeat until the file is very confusing.
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    1) Make a file full of gibberish
    2) Take the system time as a key
    3) Use the key to hash each byte of the file you wish to encrypt
    4) Used the hashed value as an offset for fseek
    5) Place the hashed value in the gibberish file at that offset with a marker value to find it later
    6) Repeat until confused

    Will it work? Probably not, but who knows?

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    yes | rm file


    the algorithm is reversable! really! if you ignore the md5 step, that is...


    random gibberish is cool


    edit: it's the march break, there's nothing better to do, so...
    /em whips out kedit - even though nobody cares, I'll post something by tomorrow if I don't suck. *crosses fingers*
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