Thread: vague title, self imflamatory...

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    I don't mean to take it offtopic, DA, but Xterria hosed me in this thread, so I think I'll keep it in this thread...
    You think your always on top of the world, you spend hours wasting your life on this board, you moderate everything on the board to make yourself look good, your probably really fat, and i hate the stupid ass who drew your avatar.
    1) My avatar's a joke - I'm sorry if it went over your head.
    2) I spend so much time on this board because I spend so much time at work, and until yesterday, I had nothing to do.
    3) Nope, sorry, not fat.
    4) Top of the world? Hardly...

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    Firstly I think I speak for everyone here when I say **** off Xterria.

    >>you avatar can make people cry or tripp out <<

    I like it (well that's mostly because I came up with the original picture, the animation is DA's work). If you stare at it from a close distance and move away slowly it's really trippy

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    that's michelle's work... thanks michelle! oh, and hmm, someone remind me to use that as an insignia for the behold thingy willya? i have a short term memory in the mornings of like. 3 seconds... so seriously, someone PM me with this idea... thanks...
    hasafraggin shizigishin oppashigger...

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