Hello all

I am having a few annoyances with my computer. I have Win98, on my home computer, which only I use. My family used to use it, but now just me.

The first prob: When I turn on my machine, I get a prompt for a network password. I don't have a network password, so I leave the box blank and hit OK. Second, I have a windows password prompt. I don't know the windows password (It was put on by a family member when the computer was purchased about 17 months ago), so I just cancel out. No problems, but annoying because I don't need any password protection, because no one uses the machine but me.

Question: Is there any way to remove a windows password without actually knowing said password? The security for this machine is provided by the lock on my door, so I am not worried about securing it with passwords.

The second: When I start my machine, I get an alert box with an exclamation point, but no text explaining it. It has an OK button, which I press to dismiss it. It then pops up again, OK again. Pops up again, OK again. After the third OK it is gone. No explanation, and no problems after.

Question: Is there any way to see what program is creating those boxes or finding out what they represent (or just getting rid of them entirely)