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    Question ghetto CD

    I am trying to reinstall Age of Empires, but the CD is being gay. It is not scratched, it just wont work...

    The first time I ran the install program, it said it could not find a file. Now every time I run the program, it does not say that, but it says that there is not enough space on the hard drive to install AoE, even though there is 32 GB available on the HD.

    So then I tried to copy the files to the hard drive manually, but it gave me an error message saying it couldnt do that. So then I tried to change the properties of the files to make sure that none of them were read-only, but it would not let me change any file properties...

    Anyone know what is wrong? And is there any way I can get some program to go in and copy the CD bit by bit to my hard drive or something?
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    Either get a cd cleaner and clean it (you can't always see the scratches) or get a pirated version. It's ethical to do that if you've bought the game.

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