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    More of a threat is that the US will back Pakistan.
    Suppling arms and aid that will then be used to fight India over Kashmir.

    What I can't understand is all the US complaints about Bin Laudin. If you train people like him, Bin Laudin, and supply him with arms then how can you complain if he uses them against you?

    It was the same with the Gulf war. The US supplied Sadam against Iran then had to deal with what they created.

    It was the US that encouraged hijacking. They wanted to score political points against the USSR and so rewarded hijackers, calling them defectors and giving them asylum.

    Don't be fooled. This was more about press and money than killing people.

    Think about why the second plane hit 18min later. They wanted to give the TV time to get there. Also October is a soft time in the market, we are on the edge of a global recession. The US was set to pull up from its downward spiral and help the world recover. Now we will have a second BIG crash.

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    It's been said before in this sad excuse for a thread, but it needs to be said again. bin Laden doesn't have anything to do with Pakistan. He's originally from Saudi Arabia, is now in Afghanistan, and hates Israel. I don't see Pakistan in there, do you?

    >Do you think it means that the evil doers are the USA?

    No, since that talks about the infiltrators coming in and convincing people that they're right... At this point, I believe that refers to a very specific Canadian.

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