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    Exclamation Extremely Simple Graphics In Dos

    I know this question has been asked millions and millions of times before , and I read all the other posts on graphics , but I still came to no answer.

    How do I do simple text graphics in DOS? I dont wanna use OpenGL or DirectX , I just want something that will draw a line in DOS 6.22 , on a 486 DX2-66. Perferably in 640*480 , but 320*240 would be okay too. Also , 4 bit color would just be dandy. Is there an include file I can use to do this all , or do I gotta write my own?

    Also, i;m using TC 1.01

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    TC 1.01 probably has graphics.h

    It is the Borland graphics library...also called BGI...
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