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    Angry Device BT84


    Yesterday i turned on my comp and i got a win protection error:

    "error initializing device BT848, windows protection error. you need to re-start your computer."

    Now, i didnt need to restart i needed to format, and that dont make me happy , i mean my comp was going fine the day before now i boot and i get that!

    Anyways now i have formatted, it seems to be going ok but i dont wanna get this error again. I think its a driver problem or somthing. when i search the net for bt848 i get a load of web cam stuff, and i havnt had my cam installed for that past year.

    Can anyone tell me wtf BT848 is and how i can stop this from happening again.

    Thanks in advance....

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    BT848 is a Conexant chipset for TV tuner cards (Hauppauge, Aimslab, etc.). If you have a TV tuner card, that's most likely your problem.

    I suggest you upgrade to Windows 2000, if you haven't, and look for some better drivers.
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