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    Website problem

    Ok, heres the problem: I cant connect to either my site,, my host's site, or any other site hosted by Im not sure why, as everyone ive talked to said it worked perfectly fine to them. I tried clearning all my cookies/temp internet files, rebooting, re-checking jscript/cookies were enabled (which they were), used different browsers, and tried connecting on Linux, but all failed. I also tried pinging, but the packets got no reply, and i cant connect through ftp to my site either. Now generally this wouldnt be such a big problem, but a) for everyone else ive talked to it works fine, and b) I needed to log onto the site today to do some semi-important things. So, does anyone have any idea what is wrong? If not, would someone do me a big favor by going to and finding me a 'support' e-mail address, so I can contact them. Its really getting agrivating, as it was working fine yesterday, but when i got home from school today (8 hours ago) it didnt connect, and hasnt since. Thanks.

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    Email should be the primary method you use to contact With every email you send, you should always include your username or domain name. This way your support request can be answered as fast as possible.

    In addition if you contact us by email please only mail to ONE address, multiple identical emails will be ignored. Also please wait a minimum 12 hours before contacting us after your first attempt.

    Technical queries
    Account queries
    General information

    By Post

    Should you need to send anything (from payment to advertisement literature), you may use the following address.

    This address is our physical location (offices) in the city centre of Manchester, England. Should you wish to meet a member of staff you must arrange this prior to arriving.
    Portland Tower
    Portland Street
    M1 3LF


    Finally we offer fax and voicemail as alternative methods of communicating with us.

    Please be aware that email support is given perference over voice mail in reponse times. Should you wish the fastest response, you must email us.

    Voice mail - UK 0161 234 0897
    Voice Mail - International +44 161 234 0897
    Fax - UK 0870 138 6944
    Fax - International +44 870 138 6944

    --- from the support/contact site

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    Thanks! Got it working now.

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