Thread: Anyone here Play Runescape?

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    Anyone here Play Runescape?

    Does anyone play Runescape here? if you havent, check it out at

    it is a MMORPG that is free and fun (but a little daunting if ur a newby, and it doesnt have the fast-leveling-fun of diablo 2) but if you like a long character development game with a lot of room for specilization, and lots of interaction with other people, in a graphical enviroment, then runescapes for u, sorry, i dont know what came over me, I just became a game reviewer for a second there, well back to the question, any one here play runescape?
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    codito ergo sum.

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    Originally posted by Brian
    codito ergo sum
    Which doesn't leave much time for games
    Jason Deckard

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    Hmm...You make it sound interesting. Maybe I will check it out.
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    I've played runescape, but after buying Diablo I started playing diablo a lot cause they were aklmsot the same except that Diablo got funner......

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    Do I?!?!?!

    You better believe it! I used to play runescape all day long!!!!! I'm currently at lvl 46.

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    Nope. It does look cool, but it looks like it could be like Ultima, taking up all your time.

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