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    >I don't know about you guys, but I've lost myself for japanese anime and manga... So my avatar's obvious <

    Anime is great stuff, and as i said in a previous thread, Rei is a good choice for an avatar.
    Evangelion is a Great anime.

    you seen Cowboy Bebop?
    Macross Plus?
    FLCL? - wence comes my avatar.
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    My previous avatar (the atom) had its merits. Though now I'm showing my support for those Australian's who have suffered recently.

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    I tried my hand at making a new avatar..but I'm afraid it didn't come out to well...oh well. It conveys the point at least.

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    well, im no artist, so i "borrowed" an avatar.
    Monday - what a way to spend a seventh of your life

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    I have decided to stylistically rip off the old great... but mine IS "better"!!! hahahaha.haa223esadx. coff hak
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    I hope Govtcheez brings his full mod wrath down upon you for attempting to rip of his design scheme... such ill thoughts you have in finding solace upon using another's mindset to fabricate your own sorry excuse for an avatar...

    err... umm... go Govtcheez!

    Did you like that sorry excuse for an argument?

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    Why does everyone feel the need to be like me? I made the best avatar in the history of the world, so naturally ggs and iain try to mimic me. iain's attempt was passable, but ggs's new avatar disgusts me! Who ever thought of putting white writing on a black background? It makes sense for a website, but the artistic quality in an avatar requires black on white or nothing at all...

    Hey no-one and other anime peoples... Ever seen any of the Golgo 13 series? I rented the original and Queen Bee last night. They were alright, if a little too weird.

    Yes, this made little-to-no sense. You'll have to excuse me - I'm exhausted and drank too much this weekend... Jeez, I sound like static...

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