Thread: do all versions of MS Media Player contain spyware?

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    I know man people use it and don't understand were viruses come from and such I mean come on people...
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    VBS = Virus Building System

    >>That's one of the reasons they released XP

    The other is raw sokets, the kind you get in UNIX.

    Means we can have wars (DoS, DDoS and the oldie but goodie making a comeback DRDoS) on the net without anyone knowing who did what.

    Upshot -> internet no longer safe -> Enter MS TCP/IP and MS Passport becomes compulsory.

    Hey, with the new tarrifs (30%) Bush has just imposed on Australian and European Steel, I'm out of a job anyway.

    So I'll see you on those spy cameras, (I work with digital image processing) remember to smile!
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