Thread: Who are the best?

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    i like

    Blizzard they made star craft and Diablo the theres Bioware they are makeing a new game never winter nights looks nice and then you have to give cradit to any company able to run a mmrpg
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    >>Anyone else not real happy about developers whose games are almost totally geared towards multiplay?

    I play mostly multiplayer. Have to have a game that grabs in single player though.

    Do not play deathmatch and do not have internet speed / ping for online.
    Very few coop games now. Doom era were all coop then the 'net came and deathmatch became the easy addon for multiplayer games.
    Best fun was things like, turning the other players in Hexen to pigs so they could get thru small places into new rooms. Then watching them run round squeeling trying not to get fragged by some big nasty thing before they changed back and could open the door.
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    Bioware - Infinity Engine (Baldurs Gate series) the best RPG's off all time IMO

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    Re: Who are the best?

    Originally posted by Brian
    In my opinion, ID are really great programmers. They make very cool games [Quake, Quake II, Quake III, Wolfenstein 3D, Return to C
    Is there Wolfenstein 3D released? I must have been sleeping!
    How is this possible?!

    Who did it? Do ya have linx related to?

    Now I C.

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    Originally posted by Xterria
    I'm with you. Also Ensemble Studios, because the Age Of Empires games they made. Oh, and ID Didn't make Return To Castle Wolfenstein...Gray Matter did. But as far as 1st person games, ID Software baby!
    ID didnt make RTCW are you mad! they so did! check their website stupid kid

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    RTCW still uses the quake 3 engine.
    Although they've souped it up a bit.

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    Well Westwood made good games. RIP Westwood.

    EA makes OK engines, but too hardwarish.

    Although as far as game developers go, Jeff Peterson (JeffP), Rod Humble (Rodvik), and Jerimy Weeks (Yankee) are my personal favs.

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