Thread: coke can into the net commercial

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    Talking coke can into the net commercial

    Hey y'all,
    Wondrin' if y'all be naice enaugh ta healp me.

    Can any one of yous tell me where I could download/find the coke commercial where it begins with the kid shooting a coke can into the net?

    I've been looking, and one would think that it would be emblazoned all over the internet...but it isn't oddly enough.

    So could anyone of you hosers lead me a hand?


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    So could anyone of you hosers lead me a hand?
    first... try to speak english... and make sense... how does someone "lead you a hand"????

    second, DO NOT call us hosers...

    third... try google... it's nice... it's friendly... it should help you

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