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    Unhappy printing in C/C++

    I'm trying to print files to an epson printer but I just cant find any help files anywhere could anyone point me in the right direction?

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    The make of the printer ought not to matter for text printing under DOS. Assuming the printer is on LPT1, try:

       ofstream prnt ("LPT1");  //An output stream
       if ( {
          cout << "Cannot open printer port.\n" ;
          return 1 ;
       prnt << "Whatever"; 
          //just like you would use cout

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    Nowadays many printers will not print in DOS. Before going any further look up your printer on the net to find out if it will print in DOS.
    If not, easiest work around is to print to a file.
    Then open and print the file from notepad.

    Hope this helps.
    You learn something new everyday.

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