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    Where I'm at

    since joining this site, I have taken a long look at my programming skills. I have found and made the following choices:

    1. All programs I have written are C dos-based math programs; studying to be an electrical engineer (electronic).

    2. Assembly is the only other language I consider myself somewhat descent in.

    3. Finally, started the transition from C to C++.

    4. Bought Petzold, long overdue for windows programming

    5. I am going to also learn OpenGL, PHP, Linux programming,
    any other suggestions

    Lastly, thanks to all u guys, for making this site what it is

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    > any other suggestions

    Learn anything you can handle, I'd say.... In addition to what you listed, try Java, ASM, DirectX, VB, etc., etc.... No language is too small - you'll find a use for all of them.

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    No language is too small???
    You give an example of one your self.
    I was forced to learn VB last year.
    20 min of my life i'll never get back

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    VB is actually widely used. Perhaps that won't always be the case, but right now, VB as one of your skills on a CV is well worth having.
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    I have to agree that knowing C or C++ is a very good idea... but I think you'll find VB is almost if not more widely used... at least as a wrapper for your C programs if nothing else... people like pretty interfaces, and if you can write a kickass program in C and wrap it in VB so that the user only has to push a button to make magic happen, then why not?

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    I am full time student at UC (Cinti.). I also work full time at the USPS. I am trying to get my BS in IT. I am sick of delivering the mail, been doing it for over 18 years. I want a job that I actually use my brain.

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