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Thread: Microsoft Fall?

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    Microsoft Fall?

    Will Microsoft fall when Window's source is released?
    + Sekti

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    i seriously doubt that theyd release their source to anyone other then the universities that they have...and if someone there 'stole' it then MS would hire an army of hitmen and track the person down then sue the university for 100's of billions of dollars
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    IT normaly would except windows in not Microsoft's main source of income. Office is. Windows is only important to Microsoft because it allows them to have more control then most normal programs. Also Microsoft could survive on games, apps, and the like if window's source was opened. Another thing is they could do what ID does with there old games, releases the code but hold the resources so they still couldn't just compile it.
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    They have to release the code to the JD or somebody anyways, don't they?

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    Microsoft will never end.

    All good things come to an end.

    Nuff said.

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    haha... good one brian...

    say, so long as the software people are chasing the hardware people, so far as compatibility goes, then i'll be fine... [elec. eng. fo' evah'! yea!!! ]
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