Thread: How long can you stay awake?

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    Yeah, I think that's where I saw it too.

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    near a computer
    Some guy in Thailand died while playing Counter Strike (after about 24hrs straight).

    He was in an internet cafe at the time.
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    Some guy in Thailand died while playing Counter Strike (after about 24hrs straight).
    I played FF-VIII for 38 hours straight, felt pretty bad after that.. Not sure if it was the lack of sleep or the 8 litres of Coca Cola I consumed (That is NOT an exageration).

    It is not uncommon for me to clock 15-16 hours straight in a game once a week. It doesn't happen as frequently as it used to though. I had holidays about a month ago. Dark Age of Camelot, 16-20 hours a day for 14 days straight! Man I couldn't walk properly after that!

    I once worked (physical hard labour) for 37 hours with only one half hour break. It was 48 hours approx between waking up and going to bed - I was actually seeing stuff by the end.

    And one other thing, once after a 20 hour Goldeneye marathon when that first came out.. I couldn't sleep because I kept hearing machine guns and the death music in the quiet of the night!

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    umm... i think my max ever was like 35 hours... and i'm not sure about that... i've never really pushed the edge..

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    My record was 55 hours while driving a snowplow about 3 years ago. I dozed off for a sec after 33 hours and almost creamed a little hatchback, I was WIDE awake for 20 hours after that!
    Kinda makes you feel safe knowing there's still clowns like me on the roads in the snowbelt, doesn't it?
    Following that was my record sleep of 21 hours...

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