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oh damn.. Well I meant to add that those weren't bibles of text, so I personally wouldn't get annoyed...

laserlight, I just know them in IM by other occasions, and then just don't bother going on the boards. Also, you shouldn't annoy people... Might end bad
Give the other person a break. Maybe he or she is not good at teaching, or it might be a gross oversimplification to explain things in a single sentence or a paragraph. Find me a "bible of text" that did not strive to be informative, and I may agree with you then.

As for being annoying: there is a biblical quote along the lines of "first the log, and then the speck" (Luke 6:42) that you would do well to read. You are free to chastise others about being annoying when you cease to be that yourself:

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It's faster and I know some knowledgeful people... Also, MSN has a nudge button! :O There's no nudge button on the boards ._.
It's unremarkable that you would actually cuss out people who take their time to sit down and help you thoroughly, and if they help you privately you turn into an impatient dick.