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    " Originally Posted by BuzzBuzz"
    I'm not making any threats (in fact, I'm not making any threats at all!) or decisions for anyone else other than myself. I've also made it abundantly clear that I am speaking for myself, not for the site or its admins:

    "you are accusing me"
    Why, they've besmirched the good name of BuzzBuzz forever! :-)

    I think some of you are taking this a little too hard. And if UK law is similar to US, I'm not sure you have a case, even if BuzzBuzz is your legal name.

    "The statement(s) alleged to be defamatory must also have been published to at least one other person (other than the subject of the statement) and must be "of and concerning" the plaintiff. That is, those hearing or reading the statement must identify it specifically with the plaintiff."
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    The authors of that list are being very disingenuous in lumping discussion forums such as this where advice is free, open and tempered (that is we don't give out the whole answer right off the bat, and try and guide the student to understanding the problem), in with outright "cheat" sites such as rentacoder where you can get any answer you like, personalised just for you, so long as you pony up enough cash.

    To that extent (an open discussion towards understanding), a forum such as this is no more a "cheat" site than say attending a lecture or a tutorial session on campus. The only difference being that the student might actually learn the truth. Perhaps one of the things they "worry" about is having their utter lack of knowledge about say C or C++ exposed. And yes, there are plenty of "professors" who couldn't tell you what an ANSI standard was even if you threw it at them.

    Then there is another group of "professors" who apply minimal effort to teaching what little they know, set the SAME exercises year after year (possibly from a book), perform no other assessment of a students ability (say a closed room exercise), and then harp on about how everyone else is the problem. If you create a tree with low hanging fruit, don't blame everyone else for picking it - do something about it yourself.

    If they really want to find out the lay of the land, they should do their own "blind" tests by posting some assignments on a few forums, and see how far they get before getting an earful of "DYOHW". Publishing a list based on google searches is a bunch of crap.
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