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    Question Slot 1

    I have a Slot 1 P2 motherboard. Does P3 use Slot 1? And if it does, would my Slot 1 P2 motherboard support a Slot 1 P3 processor?
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    you'd have to check the doc's that came with it or at their site.
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    I doubt it, usually the pins are different, heck the pins are different on a P4 with the Wilamette core versus the Northwood core! (Northwood has 478 pins, Wilamette has less ~450 or something).
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    Adaptors are available, cost US$10 here in Aust.

    Slot 1 is the big chip that 'stands up' with the fan perpendicular to the mb, as opposed to 370 ect which are flat square that sit flush to the mb with the fan / heat sink on top.

    So use a newish Celron in P2 slot 1 mb. Probably have to flash the BIOS to take faster processor. This means you need to know the mb's manufacture date and/or exact model and version, flash utility and BIOS update files from manufacturer (if produced).

    Depending on quality of mb may not have fast enough FSB (front side bus) for current procesors ie if an intel LX (max 66MHz) not BX (100MHz).
    Athlon XP needs 266MHz, some P3 use 133MHz ect.
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    >Wilamette has less ~450

    423, ain't it?

    and i'm still running a slot 1 pIII 450... hasafraggin 5 second compiles... argx...
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