Thread: Windows Media Player IS SPYWARE(NO JOKE)!!!!

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    >>the bill of rights forbids search without a warrant. it's not easy to get a warrant.

    Its a new type of search warrant. Not hard to get if the FBI / CIA says "Terrorist!".

    >>this is also prohibited by the bill of rights. citizens can't be detained without rights.

    Not anymore.

    These changes have been rushed thru by congress as a result of Sept 11th. Weren't you paying attention?

    Its Australia not Austria.

    The Geneva convention, which the US is a singnatory, states that all people arrested in a battlefield, wearing a uniform or not, MUST be held under its terms until a GENERAL, not military, court decides their fate. You have had one of our citizens prisoner for three months now in an open cell, lit 24/7. You are yet to charge him or allow his lawyers to vist. Because he is not one of YOUR citizens you can do what you want to him?
    He would of been released last month to Australia, but according to 'The Australian' newspaper, we could not _guarantee_ a conviction so he is still held!

    Next time a US soldier gets captured lets see the furore in the US that ensures when they are not treated in accordance to the convention.

    In my opinion it would be expedient to treat the Al Queda members better, than have Al Queda treat US/British/Australian/New Zealand servicemen very badly.
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    I thought that they should treat them under the Geneva Convention too. However, Bush isn't too bright.

    P.S. It is rumored that he (Bush) got around a 900 on the SAT's.

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