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    Originally posted by Shiro
    - Knowledge of C, C++ and Java
    Wouldn't you get marked down for wasting your life on Java?

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    Well, in Europe the Java language is getting more and more popular, also in the world of embedded systems. So you'll increase your changes on getting a job when you know about Java. That's why I mentioned it.

    Though, as I told some weeks ago, there are already a lot of applications of Java in devices. At the company where I am working we created applications in Java for digital televisions, car electronics and mobile phones. The base of the system is written in C++, but the stuff the user meets is in Java.

    One of the things we use Java for is remote changing/updating of software. If there's a new version of the Java application for your mobile phone, we just send it to the phone and it's got the latest version.

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