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    I don't think abachler means pride in the sense that you just assume your country is the best. I think "taking pride in your nationality" means supporting the community in which you live. People these days seem to default to hating their government. And while that distrust may be justified, people have lost a lot of gratitude and respect for their communities.

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    The nation doesn't matter, if you're not a complete assh*** I can get along with you. I don't need pride to like certain individuals.

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    Let me sum that up: she didn't invade a country on bogus claims, she didn't create a camp to torture and illegally detain people without trial, she didn't refuse to sign a treaty to save the planet, instead she used an international gesture of friendship on one of your allies. Way to goof up, really. Get Bush back before your public image as arrogant ****s is shattered by this stupid friendliness

    She was so Blonde, she spent 20 minutes looking at the orange juice can because it said "Concentrate."

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