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    Question Mac

    It used to be:


    but now...I seem to be hearing less and less about Mac as the days go along...I havent heard a thing about them in probably a year...

    Whats been happening over in Mac ville?
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    Mac is used a lot in the publishing buisness. It's good at that (Photoshop etc), but the PC is gradually becoming better in that area (GIMP, etc)

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    One thing that mac did wrong was to not share their technology with others. That made them the sole makers of that form of computer, sure. But it also makes it harder for people to purchase upgrades, etc that they want. If they had released their technology then people could have copied it and made improvements, things could be ported between PCs and Macs, and the world would be a nicer place because of it.

    I still don't get why people couldn't just reverse-engineer it like they did with IBM. Oh well.

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