Thread: Let's pray for the crash

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    Alright, I retract my socialist statement - although I still thought you guys had socialized health care...

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    Unhappy Pray for the lose

    working in the area and going to school there i can't believe it

    i grieve for the lost of the many friend and family members people have lost. and the the brave men and woen who risked there life saving others...

    donating blood, food and money just don't seem enough... i wish i can go and help dig people out of the wreckage....

    but all i can do is pray and please people pray for the souls of the people we have lost and pray that more people are found alive...pray that god be merciful to those who sinned and passed away without being "saved"...and may god have pity on those who have done this terrible act...

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    Every country is really anoyed about this: AMERICA Australia, Parts of Europe, Britan....whoever did this isn't gonna be around for much longer

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